The medieval village of Bauduen
Leaning against the cliff, with its feet in the turquoise of the Sainte Croix lake, Bauduen warms up in the midday sun
its old Provençal houses with
pink tiles. With its narrow streets and cobbled staircases, the village has preserved its authenticity and its medieval character.

The authentic village of Sainte Croix
The village of Sainte Croix, situated at 513m above sea level, overlooks the lake from a rocky outcrop. It is a charming place to stroll around.
Sainte Croix is made up of pretty typicalHous
es typical houses, a 16th century church and the remains of a medievalcastle.

Aiguines, the lake balconies
The village of Aiguines, gateway to the Grand Canyon du Verdon, dominates the turquoise waters of the lake of
Sainte Croix. It will seduce you thanks to with all its riches: an authentic heritage and a canyon unique in Europe.

Moustiers Sainte Marie

Since 1981, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie has Been classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France. Church, ramparts, chapels, aqueduct, fountains, combinations of water and stone, pastel shades of tiles and tuff and tufa tiles,create an architectural ensemble and livelyarchitectural ensemble. The gentle way oflife that emanates from it naturally encourages us to respect and value thisplace, to discover and protect it. The work of the land for centuries,is the link between the history and the future of the village.

The Verdon, an authentic natural site

The majestic gorges of the Verdon
and their canyon. The landscapes of the Gorges du Verdon are spectacular and ideal for walking, kayaking, climbing or paragliding.

Sainte Croix lake

The Sainte Croix lake combines both water and outdoor leisure activities with lavender, thyme and honey, whose flavours mingle with the scents of pine trees and truffle oaks. Whichever how you approach it, the Sainte Croix lake is a real encounter !

The low gorges of Quinson
The Low Gorges of the Verdon
extend between the Lake of Quinson and the Lake of Esparron.



Valensole plateau

Along the Lavender Routes on the Valensole plateau, distilleries and a museum welcome you to reveal all the secrets of this plant with a thousand virtues. Here the air is fragrant in early July when the lavender is in full bloom. The fields undulate in waves of mauve and blue as far as the eye can see, to the delight of the photographers.